ype: Toilet Brush Holders

Brush Type: Durable Type

Material: PLASTIC

Holder Surface Finishing: Chrome

Cup Material: Glass

Item: Toilet Brush

Additional feature: Both sprayer and brush

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Product Description: If you want to have a perfectly clean toilet, make sure to get magic 3 in 1 toilet brush. It will help you make your toilet sparkling clean in just a few minutes. The brush has an amazing mechanism that will allow you to spray water or any other disinfectant all over your toilet. Just pull the handle and get the water inside of the brush. Push it, and spray the water around the toilet with ease. You won’t have to touch the toilet to clean it. With this amazing spray and brush all in one, you’ll clean the messy toilet in no time. Get two different products for the price of one. For your weekly clean, add disinfectant or bleach into the water before spraying to destroy germs even under the rim. Use your high-density brush to achieve a pristine clean. When you’re done, just place your clean Spray Away Toilet brush back in its convenient caddy. Spray Away is designed so your brush head never touches the mess left behind. The secret is its patent-pending built-in pump sprayer and jet stream nozzle located at the end of the brush head. Just place the brush head in the clean water after you flush. The drawback on the handle to fill the water chamber.

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