Gold Face Massager

We’re taking face rollers to the next level with our Rose Gold Face Massager. Equipped with contouring, twin-ball rollers that are designed to hug every curve of your face, this roller mimics the kneading action you experience during a facial with an esthetician! But it doesn’t stop there, the battery-driven vibration feature helps: – stimulate blood circulation – promote lymphatic drainage – improve skin elasticity – relieve facial tension – promote optimal formula absorption

  • Easy and comfortable handle
  • Polyhedral corner design
  • Tiny and portable
  • Rotating massage
  • Renew your look good
  • Accelerate cream absorption
  • 6000 times per minute ion micro-vibration
  • 24K gold-plated facial massager.
  • The skin can absorb nutrients more effectively, since dirt and superfluous keratin is removed cleanly.
  • The refined vibrations target depth cells, promoting metabolism and eliminating waste as well as burning fat.
  • The refined vibrations cause molecular frictions inside the skin and the temperature rises, resulting in a multiplier effect with the massage.
  • Promote the absorb effect of maquillage and wipe out the secretion of keratin
  • Prevent the aging and enhancing immunity.
  • Promote the face blood circulation and metabolism so slack and improve the phenomenon of natural sodium
  • Great for skin & promote blood circulation
  • Elegant design & convenient to carry

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